We create musical treasure boxes and more for the littles in your life

Your Enchantmints gift will be treasured for years to come.  Children light up when they unwrap Enchantmints gifts.  They tuck in their tiny treasures.  They listen to the pretty tunes.  They return to the gift again and again.  

Music boxes are coming to our US online store in November.  Hooray!  

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Enchantmints is a small family business based in the North Eastern USA.  And we are run by father and daughter team, Marke and Eowyn Levene (pictured here in questionable - but warm - hats).   

Since 2004, Enchantmints has been designing and manufacturing gifts that children treasure for years to come.   Our products nurture the imagination, creativity, gentleness, kindness, enthusiasm, and a love of nature.   Learn more about us and our beginnings here.  

Designed with integrity and children's wellbeing in mind

Gifts they will cherish for years