Love Of Horses Heart Music Box


Even after 14 years, we still smile and say “oh, how sweet! ” every time we see our own boxes.

Kids love them too, especially our Love of Horses Musical Treasure Box.

They can tuck away their tiny treasures in the space inside the box.

They dance along while the little horse figurine moves with the clear, bright melody that rings out.

With unique watercolor designs of beautiful mother mare and foal, this box adds a delightful accent to a child’s room.

It’s the perfect birthday or holiday gift for a little horse lover!

Children adore these jewelry boxes and will treasure them for many years to come.

MELODY: Home on the Range

RECOMMENDED AGE: 3 years old and older. The wind up key is a choking hazard.

SIZE: 5” around

SPECIAL NOTE: teach your little one to wind up the box with care and be sure not to crank too hard. Overwinding will damage the musical movement mechanism inside the box and then the music will no longer play

ORIGIN: Our musical treasure boxes are handmade in China by a family-run company that has been specializing in music boxes for over 40 years.

MATERIAL: Sturdy, formed cardboard laminated with printed paper. All materials are tested to the highest toy safety standards.

BATTERIES NEEDED? Nope! A mechanical musical movement inside the box plays the music. Simply wind it up manually with a little key in the back of the box, then open the top of the box to play.

HOW LONG DOES THE MUSIC LAST? When the key is fully wound, about 2 minutes.

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ARTWORK: All art is from original paintings of 6 different artists.

DESIGN: Marke Levene and Fudo


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