About Us

Our Story

Enchantmints products are created to

convey beauty, whimsy and goodness.

Our Waldorf-inspired products nurture

imagination, curiosity, gentleness,

kindness, and a love of nature.



To create products that provide joy for children and parents alike

Enchantmints products are created to convey beauty, whimsy and goodness. You’ll find nary a pirate or superhero here. Each piece begins with all-original watercolor art and is specifically designed to nurture the well-being of children.

When you choose Enchantmints, you know you are bringing all good things into your little one’s life. Our Waldorf-inspired products nurture imagination, curiosity, gentleness, kindness, and a love of nature.

In supporting the wholesomeness of childhood, we work with original artists. Our products are made with this original artwork. While we use technology to complete the development process, all of our products spring from the fully human work of artists.


Our People


Owner of Enchantmints

Marke Levene is the creative force of Enchantmints, artistic director, head of product development, chief of manufacturing and general all-around wizard. He directs all ballerina, pony and magical creature traffic like the boss he is.

Marke has been a performer for more than 65 years (yep, he was a tv star at age 5) and has dedicated himself to the arts for decades. He has been an innovator and entrepreneur since wayyy back in 1968, when he was in the furniture business in his hometown of Los Angeles, California.


A eurythmist, actor and former Waldorf teacher, Marke tells a mean story. He loves growing flowers of every size and color in his Maine garden. And an ideal day for him would be enjoying time on a boat and swimming in the warm sea.


Marketing & Operations

Eowyn supports in the background here at Goodness for Children and Enchantmints.


Eowyn gives a mean massage (like, professionally). She loves to rustle up something tasty for dinner when friends come over, preferably involving baked goods. And an ideal day includes hiking in mountains, couch time with her husband and cats, and finally making progress on that never-ending knitting project.



I have been creating products for children for the past 40+ years. It started with a
pentatonic Lyre for my daughter Eowyn. We were living in England at that time where we
stayed for 16 years. I developed a series of products primarily musical instruments. This led to
taking over a line of wooden toys that were going to disappear. The principle was the same
with that company that has guided us all these years, the wellbeing of the Children was
enhanced and supported by products that embody Beauty, Truth and Goodness as the essence
of the design. A concept that was well learned from our experience in the Waldorf Education
World. My daughter went from pre-school through her English “A” levels in the Waldorf
school. My wife and I both taught Eurythmy in that period, an art of movement found
throughout the world where Waldorf Schools have a home.

When the time came to leave England in the middle 1990’s I had been manufacturing
products for 15 years. I had given the brand to others to run at that point. When I returned to
the USA in 1996, I had connections in the children’s product industry and embarked on a phase
of doing product development for other companies. At its peak I had products on 20 different
company’s booths at trade shows.

Through a remarkable series of events, we created Enchantmints at the beginning of
2004. Very quickly we started on a rapid growth phase. The primary question was what was
missing in the marketplace and could we maintain a high artistic standard. My training was as a
performing artist but if art lives in your soul, you respect other aspects of art even if your skill
has led you another direction.

The idea is to look to see what is not in the marketplace. If ideas come, then you must
fall in love with the idea. The key is to remember that because you love it does not mean that
anyone else will.

The next challenge is to commercialize it. This for us is somewhat different in that we
need to be profitable for it to be a healthy structure but not at the cost of the soul lives of the
children. We have embraced this challenge and discovered that there is a whole community of
both consumers of the products but also industry professionals who have welcomed the
opportunity to work with us because of the intrinsic design integrity.

We have new ideas for 2022 that are beginning to take form and hope that our story is
one you find interesting. Please send us your review and comments. We take all of them
seriously as we continue to grow.

Beauty, Truth and Goodness for a wholesome future for all.



Enchantmints was founded on the belief that art is vital for life and essential for growing children. A meaningful portion of Enchantmints profits are donated toward nurturing the Performing arts.