Your Complete Guide to Printable Wall Art for Children

by Eowyn Levene

Your Complete Guide to Printable Wall Art for Children


Adding beautiful pictures and prints to the walls is the cherry on top when we're putting together a nursery or decorating a little one's room after a move.  And printable art is one of the most budget-friendly and flexible ways to find just the right pieces for your child.  There's loads of free printable art out there, but if you spend a few dollars - and it's really only a few - you can fill the room with SO MUCH gorgeousness.  


Printable Wall Art for Kids Room Decor | Beautiful gifts and decor from Enchantmints




Let’s back up and start with wall art - really, it’s any paintings, drawings, collage, reproductions, photographs, quotes or words that are going up on the wall.  The wall art might be framed, pinned to a board, printed on some sculptural wood, or just taped up with some pretty washi tape.   



Printable wall art: A ready-to-print digital file of artwork that can be downloaded for a small price, usually between $2 and $10.  This file can be downloaded right after you make the purchase.  Then you can print instantly at home, at a print shop or via an online service.   And because kids interests change so swiftly, you can easily adjust the decor in their space to reflect that at little cost.  


Pegasus printable wall art | childrens gifts and decor from enchantmints



  • Savings:  Printables save you money!  They are inexpensive to purchase, and you can print in whatever way that makes sense for the budget you set aside for decorating your child’s room.
  • No shipping fee:  Yay!  No one likes to pay for shipping.  
  • Speed:  Printable wall art eliminates waiting and saves you time.  Your purchase is available within 5 minutes, and then all that remains is printing the file.   
  • Flexibility: You can print whatever art you chose for your child's room on any medium you’d like - paper, wood, metal (pillows!).   
  • Reusable: Print as many times as you need!  Use for many different kinds of gifts for all the birthdays and celebrations of friends and nieces and nephews over the years.  
  • Ecofriendly: If you print at home or at a local print shop, you’re side-stepping all of the packaging and freight fuel that goes with ordering something physical.  



1. Mix up your little one’s room decor with temporary or rotating wall art.  

2. Purchase a bunch of printable wall art files, and rotate images at different times of the year. 

3. Great gift for small faraway friends and godchildren, when you use a "print, frame and deliver" service in the country of the recipient.  I don't know about you but postage for my god daughter's gifts sent to the UK is crazy and often the package gets locked up in customs for weeks.  This is SO much easier.     



Necessary:  A laptop or desktop computer.  You need to download the files that you purchase on a computer.  Phones and tablets won't know what to do with the zip file that contains the art files.  

Optional: If want to use PDF, make sure have latest version of free program Adobe Acrobat Reader

Optional: Color printer


Printable ballerina artwork | beautiful childrens gifts and decor from Enchantmints



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But there is SO much fantastic printable art out there on the interwebs, in addition to our products.  Etsy is a treasure trove with so many wonderful prints and quote images and more.

You can also search Pinterest for “horse printable”or “ballet printable” or “organize the fridge printable” and go down that delicious rabbit hole.  Follow Enchantmints while you’re there for the most helpful articles and products!


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OK.  You have the file you've purchased or found online and you're ready to go! 

Now what?  You have a few options.  The quickest and easiest is to print at home, although you need the right set up.  You'll want some nice quality paper, and a good color printer that will accurately represent the artwork you chose for your child's room.    




Use quality card stock or nice textured paper to achieve a pretty arty effect.  Then you can clip it up on the wall, add it to a collage, or use a frame you have already purchased.  


Potential problem:  what is this weird file that I just downloaded?  I thought I was getting a PDF and a JPG!
Solution:  You're looking at a zip file and you need to unzip it to access all the art files and the instructions for use which are inside it.  To unzip the Zip file, locate it in your downloads, and then just double click on it!  Another 'regular' folder will appear once you do that and you can proceed as planned.


Potential  problem: image all stretched and weird.
Solution: Test print black and white versions of the artwork on regular paper and check your printing settings in the print dialog box.  Experiment with different settings and/or check the instructions that go with your home printer.  


Potential  problem: Colors look funky. 
Solution:  Some small variation in color is normal.  If the colors are very different from the image you saw on the website, try printing the RGB file instead of the CMYK file, or vice versa.  If that still doesn’t help, we recommend you use a professional service such as options listed below.  They will tell you if you need to use the RGB or the CMYK file version.  




Now, if you don't have a printer at home, no problem.  There are so many ways you can get high-quality art printing done nowadays.  In some cases, you can just upload a file.  However, maybe you have a favorite print shop, or it's convenient to stop by Staples on your way home from work.  

Here's how to prepare for getting your wall art printed at a shop:

  1. Unzip your purchased files. If you've never met a Zip file before, you need to unzip it to access all the art files and the instructions for use which are inside it. To unzip the Zip file, locate it in your downloads, and then just double click on it!  Another 'regular' folder will appear once you do that. Inside that regular folder are the goodies. Let us know if you hit any snags!
  2. Copy your files to a memory stick or flash drive.   Most likely the shop printing will require the CMYK PDF file, but it's best to bring all of them just in case.
  3. Talk with the store printing assistant about which paper is best.  A nice textured paper gives warmth to the Enchantmints watercolor images, and others too.     
  4. Purchase a frame or reuse a favorite, and add that whimsy and beauty to your kids wall!  




If you already have a frame for the artwork, but don't want to go out to a copy shop, there are a bunch of great online printing services that will do high quality art printing for you, giving you a print that will last decades.

We have tested several online printing services, and can confidently recommend Finerworks.  “Fine Art Paper Velvet” gives you the most perfect recreation of the original watercolor  artwork.   

Once ordered, your print should arrive, safely packaged, in a few days.  It's so fun when they arrive all pretty and colorful!  


If you don't have a frame in mind already and want to print your child's art AND have it framed all in a few clicks of a buttom, you will want an online printing and framing service.

We have tested and recommend both Framebridge and Mpix for this service.  Finerworks offers framing also, but their website interface for selecting a frame is a bit tricky to navigate.  

Once you've selected the frame that works well with the artwork and placed your order, you can expect the framed print in 1-2 weeks usually.  


We think a framed Enchantmints art print looks particularly marvelous as an art print on a little one’s wall.  Here are some more ideas of what to do with your printable wall art though!   


watercolor ballet pillow, ballerina mug, ballerina t-shirt | use enchantmints wall art to create interesting childrens decor and gifts

  1. Print on pillows for cozying up to your favorite image and creating pretty accents on a bed.  We recommend Zazzle for a custom pillow as they have a range of shapes and sizes for you to play with. 
  2. Print on t -shirts and carry around whimsy all day long.  We recommend Zazzle for printing Enchantmints art on kids t-shirts. 
  3. Print on canvas or wood to add a more solid, structural element to the room.  Many services offer this, including Mpix and Finerworks
  4. Use prints for temporary and seasonal decor.  Pick a few nice frames and then switch out the images in each frame.  You could do it by season or as your child's interest and obsessions change over time.  Ideally, print at home on regular paper to keep your costs low.  The colors will stay bright and pretty for a few months.   
  5. Make bunting from them!  Print off a bunch of copies and get your craft scissors out and some twine.                                          


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Your Complete Guide to Printable Wall Art for Children | A Blog post from Enchantmints

Eowyn Levene
Eowyn Levene


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