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When You Buy An Enchantmints Unicorn Music Box

If you’re looking for a horse (or fairy!) music box, you might not expect to find the green fields, yellow flowers, and frisky fairies that features in our Horse Fairy treasure box. We're so glad you're here to take it all in :-)

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When You Buy An Enchantmints Unicorn Music Box

When you buy an Enchantmints unicorn music box, you are supporting several family businesses.  And in particular, our business, and the factory we work with in China.

How we create our unicorn music box

Our Unicorn Treasure Box began in the USA.  Denise Marshall created the charming watercolor artwork of the mother unicorn, the baby unicorn, and their magical forest home.  Also a tinny fairy with a mushroom perch.  Our graphic designer pieced together the art to create the whole beautiful design.  Marke directed the process, gently guiding both creatives. 

And then, one of our staff created a mock up product.  We took that mock up product to trade shows all over the USA, and our wholesale customers loved it and ordered.  

Then we place an order with the family factory in China that has the skill and capacity to create many thousands of music boxes a day (such a factory does not exist in the USA).  

This family factory in China has been making music boxes for children for over 40 years. 


And until September 21, 2019 there was no major tariff when importing their music boxes into the USA. 

changes in us import policy in 2019

Since the White House changed its policy on imports from China, music boxes have been charged a 25% tariff. Yep, our costs when up 25% in September of this year.  And the change has greatly impacted both our family business and that in China, along with many thousands of other small businesses who have a long time history and relationship with producers from that country. 

So when you purchase a unicorn music box today, please know that we are struggling to make ends meet at the current prices. 

our music box prices are going up next year

And so, we have to raise all of our prices in 2020

Another consequence of the new tariffs is that we will not be offering the same holiday discounts as we have in the past. 

For Black Friday this year, you will be able to buy our Enchantmints music boxes at up to 50% off, but there will be no free shipping. 

make the most of this year's holiday sales

You can sign up today to be notified of our 2019 Holiday Sales, and receive details on entering an upcoming Giveaway by entering your email and joining our community!

We value transparency and honesty around here and hope you can understand our position about raising prices in 2020 and the limit to what we can offer for 2019 Enchantmints holiday sales. 

We want to offer the best prices possible, as we know that many of us are living on tight budgets. However, these are the upcoming changes we need to make to stick around and bring more fairy, horse, ballerina, and unicorn love your way! 

If you have any questions at all, drop them below in the comments or send us an email to

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