2019 Affordable Waldorf Gift Guide

2019 Affordable Waldorf Gift Guide

2019 Affordable Waldorf Gift Guide

This affordable Waldorf Gift Guide 2019 is brought to you by our Discover Your World Fairytale Horse Music Box.

Enchantmints is a company rooted in Waldorf philosophy and principles.  And offering gifts that provide images of truth, beauty, and goodness is our highest mission.  But we know that many other companies make and sell beautiful gifts with a Waldorf theme.  And we're glad to share some of our favorites in this Waldorf gift guide.  

Pegasus Music Box

Our 2019 Affordable Waldorf Gift Guide will save you research time, decisions, and some dollars. 

All the Waldorf gifts we have carefully selected are under $50 and are sure to delight the little ones in your life.  

So today, we bring you our 2019 Gift Guide filled with art supplies, stocking stuffers, and musical gifts for kids play.

Our hope is that you love these finds also!  Have any other top favorites?  Share them in the comments so others can see if they're a good fit for their family gifts.


Dress up is such an enduring way for children to play and explore as they grow and develop. Kids love these butterfly wings, as well as crowns and fairytale capes with hood.  

Dress Up gifts
Waldorf Gifts for Dress Up
Rainbow Dress Up Wings $29.95  |  Festive Felt Crown $39.95  |  Royal Princess Cape $27.98

Often kids who love dress up also fall in love with our Unicorn Music Box.  It features the sweetest scene of a mother unicorn and her baby wandering in the magical woods together.  There's also a tiny fairy watching them from a clump of toadstools as an added charm bonus.  



Waldorf Dolls are usual made from soft cloth and wool, and sometimes wood.  We're included a sweet sling for kiddos to carry their favorite doll in, and it comes in the most yummy peach color!  


doll lover gifts
Waldorf Gifts for Doll Lovers


Making sound and music is a delight, for adults and children both.  These sweet simple musical gifts will nurture this kind of creativity in kiddos, and bring happy play for hours.


Waldorf Gifts for Music Play

Obviously, around here, we're all about the musical waldorf gifts.  May we suggest you try out our Butterfly Music Box if you're looking for a beautiful music maker in a larger size?  



The little gifts found in my stocking were always my favorite growing up.  We have plenty ideas of tiny treasures to gift with music boxes, but here are a few more for this year's holiday celebrations. 

stocking stuffers
Waldorf Gifts as Stocking Stuffers


If you like the tiny horse treasure box, but want to see some other designs, take a look at our Enchantmints tiny treasure box collection.


Such peaceful, creative play comes when rock crayons, paints, and folding paper are put in little hands.  These three fit a range of ages, but all support the gentle waldorf approach to arts and crafts.  


Art gifts

Waldorf Gifts for Kids Art Activites
Box of Rocks Crayons $28.50  |  Japanese Silk Craft Paper $8.50 |  Watercolor Paints $29.50

And that's the last of our 2019 Waldorf Gift Guide that won't break the bank! 

Hopefully you've found something you can add to your holiday gift list, and we've helped lead you to some of our wonderful colleagues that sell Waldorf gifts online. 

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