2018 Waldorf Gift Guide that Won't Break the Bank

by Eowyn Levene

2018 Waldorf Gift Guide that Won't Break the Bank


Also known as "how to shop for a Waldorf kid without breaking the bank", our 2018 Waldorf Gift Guide will save you time, hassle, and money. 

We have created a fun, focused list of just the right gifts for the little Waldorf kids in your life.  You can spend so many hours browsing on line, trying to figure out what the right gift is, especially when searching for a Waldorf child.  

So many things for children out there are tech-focused, made from plastic, and most conveniently purchased from big box stores or Amazon. It's hard to find the stores that have curated more creative, lasting, and interesting gift offerings.

On the other hand, the wonderful options out there in the Waldorf world can be very expensive.  We completely understand the prices and don't fault what businesses charge for their beautiful offerings (made in US or EU, with tip top materials).  But sometimes it's just not in the budget to spend whatever we want on gifts. 

So today, we bring you our 2018 Guide filled with colorful, wooden, craft-related, Waldorf gifts from small, family businesses across the internet.  At an affordable price!

We hope you love these finds as much as we do. 


Waldorf Gifts for the Little Craft Lover

Some kiddos love to get their hands dirty, and create things from scratch.  These three are unusual and delightful gifts for children who love to craft and art. 

Craft gifts for waldorf kids

Waldorf Gifts for the little craft lover


Waldorf Gifts for Dolls Lovers

Waldorf Dolls are soft and beautiful, with fairly blank faces that allow children to imagine whatever character they would like.  They're almost always made from wool and different fabrics, with beautiful colors.  Waldorf dolls are so welcoming and kids treasure and sleep with their Waldorf dolls for many years.  


Soft Princes doll, Baby Jay Waldorf Doll, Waldorf Pocket Doll, Waldorf toys
Waldorf Gifts: Delightful Dolls 


Waldorf Gifts for Playing Dress Up

It's a no brainer.  Children love to play dress up, to imagine themselves as different characters, as heroes, and in faraway lands.  Here are some of our favorite beautiful kids dress-up gift ideas that won't break the bank.  


Mermaid costume, Soft sword, butterfly petal dress-up dress, Dress-up, pretend play
Waldorf Gifts: Dress-Up Play

Little Waldorf Gifts for Little Hands

Around here on Enchantmints' Mossy Log Blog, we know one thing for certain. 

There's a lot of tiny treasure stashing that goes on with our musical jewelry boxes.  Little kids love having little objects that they can plan with, have in their pockets, and tuck away in secret drawers. 

Here are some of our favorite little gifts for little hands!

Small star dolls, Small mouse dolls, Nins Season Summer, Small dolls.
Waldorf Gifts: Little Gifts for Little Hands 


Wooden Waldorf Toys

Wooden toys are the best investment for your family.  They last for decades and can be shared with other children when your family no longer needs them.  Their production is often sustainable, and the feel of them is pleasing and nurturing. 


Toddler Eco Wood Car toy, Lighthouse stacking game, Pink and Reg birthday ring, wooden toys

Waldorf Gifts: Wooden Toys
Lighthouse Stacking Game $22 | Toddler Eco Wood Car Toy $7.99 | Pink/ Red Birthday Ring  $25.95 


Waldorf Gifts for Fairytale Lovers

Gnomes and dragons, castles and princes, witches and lucky heros.  Fairytale themes nurture children's imaginations and make the best gifts!

Ostheimer Dwarf, Dragon's World Music Box, Fairy Tale Blocks, Fairy tales toy.

Waldorf Gifts: for Fairytale Lovers 


And there you have it.  That's a wrap on our 2018 Waldorf Gift Guide.  We hope you found at least one Waldorf kid gift idea that saved you some time and effort! 

Do you have any tips for finding just the right holiday gift?  

Eowyn Levene
Eowyn Levene


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